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QOCA® image that simplifies clinically focused workflow through innovative AI and HIS/RIS/PACS integration. From diagnosis to treatment planning, QOCA® image provides the assistance of clinical findings and impressions in real-time with clinician-level performance.

Smart CXR Image Processing System


Hospitals produce a vast number of radiology images on a daily basis. The golden window is often missed as most of the chest X-ray reports are unable to achieve timely completion due to insufficient medical manpower and resources. Under the limited resources, it is necessary to alleviate the doctor's burden by promptly screening for critically urgent and abnormal cases and increase the report completion efficiency, so these patients can receive intervention as soon as possible.

The system analyzes chest X-ray images to detect suspicious findings of diseases with AI algorithms. It provides real-time alerts, triage, and helps to produce radiology reports.

Triage of Suspicious Findings (CADt)

The system can automatically analyzes chest X-ray and provides triage when diagnostic x-ray examination is performed.

AI-powered Active Alarm

The system can immediately show notifications once suspicious findings of urgent diseases are identified.

Easy-to-use Radiology Report System

The system can realize friendly and real-time services for issuing report including AI-assisted triage without interrupting the existing clinical procedures.



Import the chest X-rays to the system.


Smart CXR Image Processing System 6th Prize


6th Prize

COVID-19 Detection

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Smart CXR Image Processing System 1st Prize


1st Prize

National Healthcare Quality Award
Smart Solution of Smart Health Care

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Successful Cases

The System is a collaboration between Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and Quanta Computer, using AI technology to create an efficient reporting system for radiologist, thereby accelerate the procedure for emergency treatments and elevates report completion rate by 50%. It boosts medical professionals’ quality and efficiency at determining diagnoses and reach the goal of establishing a patient-centered wholesome care environment.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Smart CXR Image Processing System